Transformational Lean™: What is it and why does it transform?

Stanley Black & Decker has long been known for its operational excellence, achieved through a process we call Transformational Lean™. It's more than manufacturing or operational efficiency; it's an mindset that continually seeks for innovation in how all work gets done and how value is delivered to the customer.

We are now bringing the benefits of Transformational Lean to the healthcare industry. While there are many differences between healthcare and manufacturing, there are also a great many similarities. It is this realization that has motivated us to help address the dual need for improved quality and cost control within healthcare.

Our new Healthcare Transformational Lean division brings a very unique approach to traditional process improvement, combining a suite of advanced technologies with consulting services aimed at accelerating the creation of value in hospitals. The result is improved patient safety, operational excellence, and better financial performance.

The Transformational Lean Approach

At the core of our methodology is multi-disciplinary problem solving tailored to the unique needs and organizational readiness of the hospital, and delivering sustained improvement by enabling self-sufficiency from the executive suite to the front line.

Transformational Lean focuses on four key areas:

  • Technology: Real-time monitoring of supplies, equipment, & people, patients, staff, vendors; interface management; and data mining to deliver business intelligence and business analytics
  • Complexity Management: Focused, collaborative effort to streamline supplies, systems, and staffing models to comply with hospital metrics and regulatory standards
  • Process Optimization: “End-to-end” process redesign to optimize material & patient flows, increase percent of caregiver time available for patients, and minimize waste
  • Supply Chain Excellence: Systematic replenishment of inventory in all areas of a hospital network to not only minimize par levels, but also ensure accurate & timely delivery of required supplies, reducing or eliminate over renting or buying of equipment

Transformational Lean starts with a deep dive assessment into the hospital’s business challenges, with ROI modeling, defining the organization’s maturity model and running simulations.

Once the hospitals understands what can be achieved, our onsite team can manage anything from a department project to incorporating Transformational Lean throughout the facility. Our goal is to create a program on any scale that is not only successful but sustainable for years to come.