Hugs Champions: Recognizing the Best in Infant Protection

The RN who knows Hugs inside out… and gladly shares her knowledge. The manager who spends weeks planning a mock Code Pink drill. The security officer who is always the first to respond. The nurse educator who works tirelessly to keep staff informed and motivated. These are just some examples of Hugs Champions.

As we prepare for the annual convention of Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) – one of the nation’s leading and most dynamic nursing associations – we’re launching an initiative to recognize the hard work of dedicated individuals at all levels who make infant protection a personal priority and show leadership within their organizations.

We’re calling it the Hugs Champion campaign, and certainly we want to thank the thousands of dedicated nursing and security professionals who use the Hugs Infant Protection solution every day to help keep infants safe. But our primary our goal is to highlight best practices for infant protection that apply across the entire industry.

If you’re attending the AWHONN convention in person, we invite you to come and tell us your story at booth 719. Or leave us a comment below. Who are the Hugs Champions at your hospital, or in your unit? What makes a Hugs Champion? What can we all learn from them so that infants, everywhere, are as safe as they can be?