AAMI 2017: What Advancements Will This Year Bring?

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At STANLEY Healthcare, we’re gearing up for our 12th year at AAMI’s Annual Conference and Expo next week. As at prior events, AAMI 2017 will be an incredible opportunity for us to hear about customers’ innovations, to showcase our own and to tune in to the challenges and needs of Supply Chain Management, Biomedical Engineering and Sterile Processing departments.

At AAMI 2016, our customers told us how much they count on our Asset Management solution to track and monitor high-value medical equipment. They also told us about some challenges they were experiencing in managing their RFID tags. STANLEY Healthcare listened and responded—launching a suite of Managed Services designed to solve those challenges. Our services are designed to alleviate the burden of maintaining tags—from refurbishing and replacing batteries in asset tags to calibrating and certifying tags used for environmental monitoring.

Our customers also asked us for more “accessible” analytics—that is, analytical capabilities that are within reach for more than just the very largest healthcare organizations. STANLEY Healthcare’s answer: MobileView Analytics Cloud. This cloud-based offering gives hospitals access to several real-time and historical dashboards for Asset Management as well as Environmental Monitoring. It’s no exaggeration to say that your hospital can get started in as little as 24 hours—and with no capital investment.

And, finally, since last year’s event STANLEY Healthcare launched our Vaccines for Children (VFC) temperature monitoring kit, which enables hospitals to comply with new CDC requirements for vaccine storage. These requirements went into effect on January 1, 2017, and we continue to work with hospitals across the country as they address compliance.

What will AAMI 2017 bring? To be sure, we’re excited to spread the word about our latest innovations, including Managed Services, MobileView Analytics Cloud and the VFC kit. We’re also eager to find out what we’ll learn, what we’ll hear from our customers and how we’ll be able to make our solutions and services even better. Please stop by the STANLEY Healthcare Booth # 1219. Will we see you in Austin?