Late last month, Veterans’ Administration Secretary Robert McDonald made what turned out to be controversial comments comparing wait times at the VA with wait times at Disneyland.

This post is the second in a four-part series about radiofrequency (RF) interference and its impacts on wireless solutions such as infant protection.

In a previous series, I explored best practices for asset management—including opportunities for better par level management. In this post, I’m excited to share our work with innovative hospitals that are tapping into the full potential of visibility and analytics solutions. One such customer is a new women’s hospital that’s using the MobileView RTLS Platform and MobileView Analytics to solve a very common challenge: distribution of clean infusion pumps.

The RN who knows Hugs inside out… and gladly shares her knowledge. The manager who spends weeks planning a mock Code Pink drill. The security officer who is always the first to respond. The nurse educator who works tirelessly to keep staff informed and motivated. These are just some examples of Hugs Champions.

This post kicks off a four-part series about radiofrequency (RF) interference and its impacts on wireless solutions, including infant protection. Future posts will explore some of the technical issues and the importance of staff awareness—as well as how electronic patient security technology can help.

Florida Hospital was recognized again last week for its pioneering work in technology innovation, this time at RFID Journal Live in Orlando.

Wired or wireless? It’s a question that every senior living organization faces when choosing a nurse call solution. I’d argue that the advantages of wireless technology are by now well established.

I hope you have found benefit from this three-part series on use cases for Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology in senior living communities, and I invite you to leave a comment on this post or the others in our series.

In earlier posts, I talked about the importance of dashboards that evolve over time, why Jawbone’s dynamic approach provided me with a better alternative to Fitbit’s static analytics, what

In this three-part series, I am discussing some exciting use cases for real-time location system (RTLS) technology in senior living communities.