The news this week of an infusion pump recall deemed Class 1 by the FDA highlights the immense advantage of having an RTLS asset management solution in place when this kind of event occurs. Locating affected pumps will be a matter of minutes for hospitals with a real-time system in place – it could take days without it.

In the acute care arena, finding required equipment in the right condition and location continues to be a challenge.  In working with our customers, we continue to hear:

“We’re always running out of sequential compression devices.”

“I can never find a wheelchair when I need one. Someone needs to order more!”

Colleague Shannon McGinley has a good review of the many highlights from the STANLEY Healthcare Customer Conference 2015 (SHCC15), held July 14-17 in Austin, Texas.

Last week, the STANLEY Healthcare Customer Conference was held at the brand new JW Marriott in Austin, Texas. The event drew over 100 customers, partners and employees who used the 2.5 days to share experiences and exchange ideas as well as to collect important information so they can take back to their organizations and truly excel.


Despite extensive efforts over the past decade to mitigate the risk of falls, facilities continue to struggle with how to best reduce both the frequency and injuries caused by patient and long-term care resident falls.

Much like preventive maintenance, recall management represents a challenging area for many hospitals.

The AWHNONN Convention just wrapped up in Long Beach, California. At our booth, we asked attendees to give us their thoughts on what hospital-wide infant protection would mean for patient safety, workflow and their personal peace of mind.

As baby boomers move towards retirement and aging, they bring, as well as their children, advanced expectations for the assisted living and healthcare industries.  One of these areas is around technology – from personal mobile devices to staying better connected and more secure.   

The revised agenda for the SHCC15 is now available.  Click here to read more about the talks, presenters and schedules.

Last month, we introduced a new blog series focused on best practices in asset management—insights we’ve developed through STANLEY Healthcare’s experience helping hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations implement better processes