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The RN who knows Hugs inside out… and gladly shares her knowledge. The manager who spends weeks planning a mock Code Pink drill. The security officer who is always the first to respond. The nurse educator who works tirelessly to keep staff informed and motivated. These are just some examples of Hugs Champions.

Long-standing STANLEY Healthcare customer The Wales Home in Cleveland, Quebec, added to its long string of awards recently with an

In a blog posting a few weeks ago, I re-emphasized that the AeroScout family of RTLS solutions for healthcare is alive and well and continues to grow.

Stanley Black & Decker recently announced that it is discontinuing the AeroScout Industrial product line of manufacturing, transportation and logistics applications. It’s not surprising that this has lead to some misunderstanding about the future of STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout solutions.

Colleague Shannon McGinley has a good review of the many highlights from the STANLEY Healthcare Customer Conference 2015 (SHCC15), held July 14-17 in Austin, Texas.

The AWHNONN Convention just wrapped up in Long Beach, California. At our booth, we asked attendees to give us their thoughts on what hospital-wide infant protection would mean for patient safety, workflow and their personal peace of mind.

Identifying and following the major emerging trends in Health IT is one of the chief entertainments at HIMSS.

Many senior living communities are familiar with the benefits of real-time technology to improve resident safety.

motherbabyJoint Commission audits come around with the regularity of winter – and are usually about as welcome. But just as with frosty weather, being prepared can turn a Joint Commission audit from something to be endured into something to celebrate. We talk regularly with clients about their experiences with audits of their infant protection measures.

Workflow_imageIt’s an exciting time in the world of infant protection: we’re entering a period of innovation and rapid change that often comes with disruptive technology—in this case, the new generation of infant protection that leverages the Wi-Fi network to extend protection hospital-wide.