We’re excited to announce four new speakers added to our lineup for the STANLEY Healthcare Customer Conference 2016!

motherbabyJoint Commission audits come around with the regularity of winter – and are usually about as welcome. But just as with frosty weather, being prepared can turn a Joint Commission audit from something to be endured into something to celebrate. We talk regularly with clients about their experiences with audits of their infant protection measures.

Hospitals throughout the country are constantly searching for solutions that seamlessly integrate patient care, security and efficiency into one standardized model. Having the same solution across all facilities supports uniform policies and procedures, resulting in a simplified training process for nursing and supporting staff. The goal of any patient care solution is to promote awareness and ensure patient safety – Stanley Healthcare’s Hugs Infant Protection Solution delivers on both fronts.

It comes as no surprise that healthcare organizations today face a multitude of challenges associated with patient safety and security. Hospitals are complex organizations with many moving parts, and it can be a challenge to monitor all aspects efficiently. With this in mind, Stanley Healthcare is excited to announce the redefinition and unification of its EcoSystem to tackle the need for more comprehensive and cost-effective enterprise visibility solutions.