Mother/infant matching

This week is “National Patient Safety Awareness Week”, and the ideal time to reflect on the risks to patients and senior living care residents in healthcare facilities across the country.

Kevin Smith, product manager for patient security at Stanley Healthcare, recently appeared in the UK publication Public Service Review discussing the startling facts of mother/infant mismatching. You can read the article here. Mother/infant mismatching is often the forgotten part of infant security. As Kevin makes clear, mismatches are much more common than abduction attempts.

Electronic patient security, especially for newborns, is pretty well established in the US. Most hospitals have some kind of “infant protection” system in place, and the technology has been around for more than a decade. Now, hospitals worldwide have started to see the benefit of “baby tagging” technology, as it is often called. What’s interesting is the differences in how the technology is implemented into the clinical environment, and what’s important in each country.