Patient safety

As we celebrate International Nurses Day and National Nurses Week, I reflect on the act of nursing both as a nurse and as a patient.

From staff workflow optimization and trend discovery and analysis to enhanced audit readiness and reporting, the potential advantages of continual wireless monitoring are hard to dispute.

But before any lab, blood bank, or blood center implements wireless network-based monitoring, it’s important to work closely with Facilities, IT, and/or Biomedical partners within the organization.

This week is “National Patient Safety Awareness Week”, and the ideal time to reflect on the risks to patients and senior living care residents in healthcare facilities across the country.

Another year is coming to an end and patient falls continue to be a formidable challenge in many healthcare settings, despite considerable efforts from administrators, caregivers, and family advocates. A wide variety of public and private organizations have been tackling the problem, and in many areas progress has been made.

Temp monitoringAs regulatory requirements increase in complexity and scope, healthcare providers are responding with strategic investments in technology to improve their performance on measures for human safety, security and privacy.

Our senior citizens are among our most distinguished members of society. They have raised families, managed careers and homes, and enriched the lives of those around them.