Resident Safety

In my many conversations with executive directors, clinicians and even IT professionals, it has been very clear that the resident experience is now the guiding principal for senior living organizations large and small. This is reflected in accommodation models, dining options, activities and virtually every other aspect of delivering services and care to residents.

This week is “National Patient Safety Awareness Week”, and the ideal time to reflect on the risks to patients and senior living care residents in healthcare facilities across the country.

The transition to a long term care home can be difficult for the individual and their family. Even if the move is voluntary, it is still a big change to a new environment with many unfamiliar faces. Family members have an important role to play in ensuring that this life change is successful. This applies to physical safety every bit as much as emotional wellbeing, particularly if the individual is frail and therefore at risk of falling, or might be prone to wandering. For the facility, what this means is that you should be ready to recruit family as part of your safety team.

I’d like to start off my first post for the Making Rounds blog with a bit about what topics I’ll be focusing on: