It’s National Nurses Week this week, a time to celebrate the contribution to healthcare and society made by nurses. All of us have experienced, for ourselves or for a loved one, the difference that a nurse can make.

Our senior citizens are among our most distinguished members of society. They have raised families, managed careers and homes, and enriched the lives of those around them.

To see healthcare transformation firsthand, plan to visit the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS14 in Orlando.

The Intelligent Hospital Pavilion (IHP) is always one of the most interesting aspects of the HIMSS Annual Conference (February 23-27, 2014 i

The STANLEY Healthcare Global Customer Summit wrapped up on November 15, capping three days of insightful interchange between customers, industry experts and the staff of STANLEY Healthcare.

The STANLEY Healthcare team is gearing up for the 2013 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo, October 28-30 in Dallas, TX.  We are bringing Brendalee Piironen, Executive Director of The Wales Home to speak directly with other senior living community EDs about their award-winning Wi-Fi based RTLS for Campus-Wide Resident Safety.  We’re also hosting several short

The recent launch of the Hugs infant protection system on the AeroScout® Wi-Fi-based RTLS Platform

The AeroScout and SpaceTRAX Customer Summit is coming up, November 7 to 9, 2012 in San Francisco. Here are the top five reasons why you should attend as a user of our AeroScout or SpaceTRAX solutions:

Well, I guess I have an answer to my recent question of what the next step is for tablet and smart phone apps in healthcare. The FDA has just approved the first app for diagnostic radiology.

It’s interesting to note the care they took to test not only for secure data encryption but also readability on a variety of devices.

For a couple of decades now, senior care facilities have invested in radio-frequency-based systems to protect residents at risk of wandering. Typically, the resident wears a small tag on the wrist or ankle that triggers an alarm if they approach a monitored exit. This kind of targeted protection to residents who need it enables homes to remain, well… homelike! No need for locked doors or other restrictions of movement.