Protect patients against the risk of flight

The T2su tag supports the AeroScout Patient Protection solution, designed to assist staff in protecting patients who may pose elopement risk.


Protect patients across the hospital

The AeroScout T2su Tag uses standard Wi-Fi communication and exit detection to protect patients who may pose a flight risk.

Exit protection

The T2su tag can be used with the EX5500 exciter, enabling key exits to be secured against elopement, including locking the door or activating other devices.

Full supervision

The tag continuously transmits “supervision” messages, indicating it is functioning and that the patient is protected.

Room-level location

The T2su tag is equipped with an ultrasound receiver that can optionally be used for room-level location (when used with appropriate ultrasound Exciter hardware). 

Easy attachment

The tags are designed to be worn by patients using a standard hospital band or a locking wrist strap.

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