Andy Cotgreave, senior technical evangelist at Tableau, is a master of modern data storytelling and someone whose insights about communicating data visually have been a major influence on how the art and science of data visualization has evolved.

In my many conversations with executive directors, clinicians and even IT professionals, it has been very clear that the resident experience is now the guiding principal for senior living organizations large and small. This is reflected in accommodation models, dining options, activities and virtually every other aspect of delivering services and care to residents.

Nearly every hospital rents equipment—and most have some compelling opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

For starters, renting equipment is expensive. Yet, many hospitals are challenged to accurately calculate the return on their rental investments. Is every rental being fully utilized, or are some rented assets inadvertently sitting idle in a storage room—running up costs without delivering value?

Inventory shrinkage: It’s the difference between what booked inventory shows a hospital should have on hand and what a physical inventory count confirms is, in fact, there. As medical devices become smaller and more mobile, there is almost always a significant gap between those two numbers. The challenge of shrinkage is more pressing than ever.

Evolution occurs in small steps, with incremental change and improvement over time. But sometimes, an evolution can fuel a revolution: an opportunity for true transformation.

Long-standing STANLEY Healthcare customer The Wales Home in Cleveland, Quebec, added to its long string of awards recently with an

Each year, Pharmacy Purchasing & Products magazine publishes a Pharmacy Automation issue highlighting the latest innovations and trends.

In our blog series addressing best practices in healthcare asset management, so far we’ve covered preventive maintenance, recall management and

In a blog posting a few weeks ago, I re-emphasized that the AeroScout family of RTLS solutions for healthcare is alive and well and continues to grow.

STANLEY Healthcare is so lucky to have customers like Deaconess Gateway Hospital, who recently provided us with two video testimonials on the efficiency and financial benefits of telemetry pack and IV pump tracking using the AeroScout RTLS Asset Management soluti